European Workshop on Epitaxial Graphene and 2D Materials (EWEG2D’21)

UPDATE 11.12.2020

With the great insecurities still imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the international scientific committee has decided that the physical meeting planned in St. Moritz end of May 2021 cannot take place and will be postponed to May-June 2022.
As the scientific exchange in our research community is crucial and should still happen in 2021 under the umbrella of the EWEG2D'21, we have decided to setup a series of live Webinar style presentations with high-profile speakers with a format encouraging a stimulating discussion on selected topics.

It is planned, that the series of presentations will proceed with 4-week interval and span throughout 2021. We will update this webpage with the latest informtion and the presentation program at the beginning of 2021.


The scope of the EWEG2D'21 is the physics and chemistry of 2-dimensional (2D) materials with a focus on mono- or few layer systems grown on well-defined substrates.

The conference address the entire range of 2D materials: ranging from graphene to stanine and from transition metal dichalcogenides to the van der Waals ferromagnets. 2D materials derived nanostructures like graphene nanoribbons, membranes, hybrids with molecules or clusters, and heteroepitaxial systems involving different 2D-layers vertically or laterally stacked and their synthesis by new methods like molecular beam epitaxy or ultralow pressure chemical vapor deposition are key topics of the conference. The series include studies on the interaction of 2D-materials with their environment, for example the adsorption of atoms or molecules, the effect of the substrate, or the interaction with light, electric or magnetic fields. 

EWEG2D’21 is concerned with the experimental determination of structural, electronic, magnetic, optical, and catalytic properties of supported and freestanding 2D-materials, where defects, edges, moirés, and doping of 2D materials are of considerable interest. Additionally, theoretical modelling of properties, new effects, functions, and novel material system constitute an integral part of the workshop program.

Continuing the tradition of the previous editions, EWEG2D’21 is set to give a comprehensive review of the latest developments in the field by a selection of distinguished invited speakers. 



International Scientific Committee:
José Ángel Martín-Gago, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid-CSIC
Yuriy Dedkov, Shanghai University
Silvano Lizzit, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste
Rosanna Larciprete, Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi
Thomas Greber, Universität Zürich
Johann Coraux,
Institut Néel, CNRS & Université Grenoble Alpes
Carsten Busse, Universität Siegen
Liv Hornekær, Aarhus University
Matthias Batzill, University of South Florida
Oliver Gröning, Empa
Thomas Michely, University of Cologne

Local Organising Committee:
Empa, nanotech@surfaces Laboratory, Dübendorf, Switzerland
Oliver Gröning (chairperson)
Christine Tran

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